• Why is live screen sharing during phone calls the best approach?

    Instant communication saves time and money since questions, clarifications and decisions occur during the phone call while viewing the same computer screen. No time wasted writing out long detailed requirements needing clarification by emails or phone calls back and forth. It's much easier to prevent confusion with live visual and verbal communication.

    You always know how and why things are being done, as your Access database programmer works with you. There are no disappointing surprises because you are participating in design decisions. You will understand how your Access Database Programming works because you participate in designing it using live screen sharing to get exactly what you need and want.

    There is an added benefit from this approach. Since the client is being exposed to new concepts and possibilities, he usually starts to offer up his own creative ideas on how to design additional items. Let's create together contact us now .

    I should mention, this rapid interaction makes it more fun for both parties.

    Approach Steps

    1. We discuss your general needs, and then prioritize them. Any initial questions and concerns are addressed. This is usually handled in your first phone consultation, at no charge.
    2. If you have a pre-existing database or a new one, we have started, we both view it together (sharing a computer screen) so you can point out what is needed. Items are fixed or added quickly. This allows for rapid clear communication and optimum decision making.
    3. If you want to learn to do some of the simple common tasks to save money, one on one hands-on mentoring / coaching using screen sharing is available.
    4. A project is sometimes divided into phases, so the highest priorities are met first. This will also give you better control over your project budget.
    5. You always receive a working and tested prototype at the end of each session. Testing occurs while you are watching on-line, and additional testing after a session is encouraged to ensure that all requirements have been met.
    6. You schedule your sessions until you are satisfied that your needs have been fully met for that phase of the project.
    7. You always have full access to the programming source code and all that is worked on, because you are sent back the Access file or files after each session.