• Most training facilities do not allow you to work on your own database file. Many just give you reading materials and video tutorials with no live instructor to handle your confusions. After the class, remembering only part of what you studied, you are left with no one there to guide you. Many try to learn on their own and make costly mistakes or worse gave up in frustration. There are an infinite number of things you might do in Access designing that will cause you problems but only a few simple things that will keep you on the right track.

    The better approach is a live Microsoft Access online training session while working on your Access Database. You explain what you need while being shown how it is done. Questions and confusions are handled as they come up. You may choose to do some of the simple common tasks yourself after you learn and drill with your trainer. Since you do not have to write up long explanations of what you want, your valuable time is not wasted. Both, you and your trainer view the same computer screen where your database is being created. Live communication is always better. Let's talk today.

    This unique approach of Access training uses Internet screen sharing so you learn while getting your own database created quickly and correctly. You and your trainer both view and work on it together.

    How much can this approach actually save you?

    Example: Learn how to make a data entry form drop-down list in about 10 minutes by watching and listening to your personal trainer, then drill the procedure by doing it on the screen yourself while your trainer talks you through when needed, about another 5-10 minutes. Make 20 more drop-down lists on your own, after we get off the phone, means considerable savings to you.

    The above example would save you approximately $72 minus the $21 you paid for the live training. Here are the numbers: if you needed 20 drop- down lists created in your Access database that is $9 x 8 = $72 - $21 = $51 in savings.

    That is only a small part from the savings in this example. It does not include all your time communicating to someone where each of the 20 drop- down lists should be placed, what data should be displayed in each list, and how it should be sorted.

    Free Microsoft Access Tutorials and Microsoft Access Demonstration Files are available to help you learn some basics on your own.