• Business Software

    Business Software

    A custom business software that fits your company, and its budget are vital. Your Access programmer will create a custom database application designed to improve your business productivity while keeping developer costs to a minimum. We design and program in all versions of Microsoft Access. We can provide new features to your existing database and version upgrades from all prior versions. Your Excel spreadsheet conversion and data migration is also available. Find out more by contacting us.

    Work Load Too Heavy?

    Work Load Too Heavy?

    A small to the medium-size company, can usually be run entirely from inside a single integrated Microsoft Office Access database program. Automation of Excel, Word, Outlook while never leaving your Microsoft Access database, means faster completion of tasks because you do not have to open any other Microsoft Office program to use it in the background. You will be able to quickly jump to any desired area of your database. Emailing can also be done from within Access, so no need to open up another email program.

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    Professional Service

    Professional Service

    A professional should know his tools so well that he can offer outstanding service at a reasonable rate. Miscommunication is the number-one factor in wasting a client's time and money. We pride ourselves on making sure we duplicate what you want.

    If you want to save valuable time and get concise, accurate and expert advice on Microsoft Access, this service is invaluable. Bob is patient and a true expert. I have found his service to be excellent.

    B. Mitchell / New Jersey Business Owner

    Custom business software, properly designed and programmed, will allow you to be more in control over your business. Control involves being able to Start, Change, and Stop activities and objects related to your business. Every business item goes through such a cycle of action (Start-Change-Stop). For example; an Order is started; it goes through some possible changes such as packing, invoicing, shipping, removing item quantity from inventory, adjusting a customer purchase order balance, and receiving payment.

    Each thing being tracked in your Microsoft Access Database could have a start date, due date, and even status change dates. For example, you have a business rule that a response to a business quote should occur no later than x number of days after the quote was created. You need to be alerted if your client does not response by the expected time.

    Tracking your business items properly means nothing will "fall between the cracks", because you will be notified when an expected end date or status change date is approaching.