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    File Description
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    21 How to automatically fill in form information when an item is selected from a Combo box (a drop down list) or List box, even if the information is stored in another table. Examples show storing this filled in data or just displaying it on the current form.   $  5.00
    48 Automation code / demonstration file for maintaining combo box (drop down list) when item is not found on the list. This code will ask user if they want to add the item then automatically add the item on the lookup table's form and then bring the user back to the original form, refresh the list and select the item that was just added.   $  8.50
    51 Automation code / demonstration file for validation of Access data in form controls. Code is self contained in a module that may be imported into your Access file. Instructions included. Powerful yet simple to use.   $  9.50
    22 How to display, add, or edit information that relates to a single table record by using a Sub Form that is linked (related) to a Main Form, thus allowing the creation of many additional storage fields that will be automatically related to a single table record.   $  4.75
    15 How to display in a form the results of a calculation based on the value(s) in other fields in the form. Examples show storing this calculated value in a table or just displaying it on the current form.   $  4.50
    30 How to remove (prevent) duplicate values from showing in a query so they do not show in a combo box (drop down list), on a form, or a report.   $  4.00
    28 How to make a search box on a form to find matching records. Examples include similar matching words or names, specific amounts, and date range criteria (Using a Starting Date & Ending Date) Values entered in search boxes are used for query criteria.   $  5.25
    20 How to add or subtract days, months, or minutes from a given date or time. Also, how to find the difference between two dates or times in terms of how many days, months, or minutes.   $  4.75
    25 How to format a date, time or currency value so it could be placed in a sentence and even include the dollar sign (or other currency symbol).   $  4.75
    49 How to open recordsets, get record counts, find records, loop through records, view data, edit data, add records and close recordsets using DAO (Data AccessObjects).   $  9.50
    47 Package of all 7 demonstration files. Includes related bonus video tutorials accessible within most demonstration files. Package includes file numbers (15,20,21,22,25,28,30). It's a great way to see all these basic Microsoft Access concepts in action and save $13.20, a 60% discount.   $  19.80
    52 Package of all 3 powerful intermediate / advanced demonstration files. Package includes file numbers (48,49,51). It's a great way to see all these advanced Microsoft Access concepts in action and save $12.65 off the normal price of $27.5, a 46% discount.   $  14.85

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