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Get your Example Files. They show you how do it fast without the frustrating hours trying to figure it out on your own.

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Each week several people send me their Access files asking me to just take a few minutes to create or fix something they have had trouble with. They usually get the file back within a few hours. It usually costs $15 - $25. If they are in the United States, they get a phone call explaining what I did otherwise the email fully explains the fix. They learn how and it saves them the frustrating time of trying to figure it. Sometimes new database construction goes off the rails from the start when data tables are not set up properly to handle what the person really needs. I offer a free review of your data structure, just contact me at If any part of your program does not perform as intended, it will be fixed without charge. Remember, there are no up front fees. You pay when you are satisfied that the job is well done. A professional should know his tools well so that he can offer outstanding service at a reasonable rate. We are professionals who can get the job done right. Miscommunication is the number one factor in wasting a client's time and money. We pride ourselves on making sure we duplicate what you want. If you have any questions about Microsoft Access, don't hesitate to ask. If you want to learn how any part of your program works, it will be explained fully. All terms used in our discussions will be fully cleared up, so full understanding can occur. One on one mentoring is also offered. Please see the Services section. We utilize all of MS Office software, so no additional software purchases are needed. A small to medium size company, can usually be run entirely from inside a single integrated MS Office program. Automation of Excel, Word, Outlook while never leaving Access, means faster completion of tasks because you do not have to open any other Office program to use it in the background. There's no cost or obligation when asking us some questions using our Contact form.

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